The brand PRISM was created in June 2014 by a bunch of outdoor sports enthusiasts. After 18 months of development and testing of prototypes and products, Prism was born. The environmental vision, so imbued daily in the genes of the creators, will naturally be the thread of future developments alongside design, safety and comfort.

PRISM will be the winner of the Outdoor Sports Valley in 2014.

The modular concept receives its first international award. We received the French Outdoor Award at the Friedrichshafen trade fair in Germany in July 2014. Barely 1 month after its creation PRISM was already rewarded!

Then, the same year, winner of the French Outdoor Award, rewarding the most innovative French product

 The brand's models immediately appealed to a large number of people. In 2015, at the ISPO trade show in Munich, Germany, the modularity concept received its second international award. Only eight months after its launch (ISPO Award in the action sports category)! The PRISM backpack range is an innovative and recognized concept. For thefirst time, it makes the user the actor of his equipment.

In the following presentation, we explain why PRISM was already innovative. Especially with our SES Switch Element System concept, but also the Off Road spirit, our Prism team and our ambassadors... we tell you everything!

SES Concept

Innovation and the SES concept, "Switch Element system" is at the heart of the PRISM bag range.

It allows users to compose their technical backpack "à la carte". Depending on theactivity practiced and its duration, 3 elements are assembled: a backpack, a Zip-On and a helmet holder.


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