Discover all the PRISM brand ambassadors. They are all passionate about sports and the outdoors. Whether it's mountain biking, skiing or snowboarding, they take their PRISM bags with them everywhere.

Lilou Prism Ambassador
Marie Surry brand representative
Lea Weill Prism Ambassador
Xavier Barneto brand representative
Maxim Boulay Prism Ambassador
Melvin Colombel representing the Prism brand
Charlie Durand Jezequel Prism Ambassador
Melwin LHAUTE Prism Ambassador
Robin Termier brand representative

Lucy Paltz Prism Ambassador
Sandy Termier brand representative
Etienne Anglaret Prism Ambassador
Baptiste Baudry brand representative
Theo Borie Prism Ambassador
Erwann Debret representing the Prism brand
Luka leroy brand representative
Cedric Ridedry Prism Ambassador
Obi World Tour Ambassador Prism

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