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A durable backpack suitable for motorcycling

The PRISM modular backpacks are suitable for use as motorbike backpacks.

Safety and comfort

Integrated backbone

This way, your falls and impacts are cushioned thanks to the approved back protection (EN1621-2 motorbike standard). This protection is integrated in the back base and removable. It weighs only 340 grams and is flexible enough to be completely forgotten. The base of this motorbike bag has been developed by an ergonomic engineer to perfectly fit your back. The 6 back pads provide optimal comfort. The motorbike rucksack provides enough space for the neck to wear a full-face helmet without getting in the way. A wide waist belt also ensures that the bag remains perfectly positioned on the back so that the back protector can fully perform its function in the event of a fall.

Night visibility: optimum safety for your motorbike trips

Reflective elements

The volumes Co18 and and Kr25 have a black rain cover with reflective print for better visibility at night. The headset holder also has a reflective bias and therefore allows the transport of a full face helmet.

Functional and intuitive

Storage pockets and equipment holder

The numerous pockets (for tools, cereal bars, wrapping paper, goggles/mask, IGN map....) make this backpack very functional. So you'll have everything quickly at hand.
Our backpack base with removable back protector can also accommodate a water bag (up to 3L).

Water-repellent and recycled fabrics

Sustainability and eco-responsibility

We then chose to design our backpacks with water-repellent polyamide for a good compromise between waterproofness and lightness. But also in our desire to limit our environmental impact and protect our playground, all fabrics are recycled.


10 year warranty

PRISM was born with the desire to offer its users backpacks designed to last and provide satisfaction for many years. We have specially chosen quality materials to withstand the elements and your best falls, allowing us to guarantee our range of modular backpacks for a lifetime. 10 years duration.

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Cobalt bag 18L black shiny
Motorcycle backpack with back protection