Hydration kit (2 litres bag + cleaning kit)

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1 customer review

Hydration kit containing:

  • 1 x 2 litre water bag, to allow you to hydrate easily during your outings, even the longest ones.
  • 1 cleaning kit to clean and dry your water bag.

Pocket compatible with our backpack base, all modular and compact backpacks from our PRISM OFF ROAD range.

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Hydration kit

Prims offers you this hydration kit with :

- 1 hydration bag 2 litres

PRISM offers you its 2 litre water bag, to allow you to hydrate easily during your outings, even the longest ones.
Thanks to its wide opening, your water bag is easy to fill and close.
Its volume offers a large capacity of 2 litres: the best choice for the outdoors, enough to hydrate yourself for a whole day of hiking, biking, trail riding, climbing, running etc.
Easy to maintain, fill and clean the hydration pouch with ease thanks to its large sliding opening. Our cleaning kit will prolong the life of your water pouch.
Its soft mouthpiece with easy access on/off valve prevents leaks. The silicone nipple provides comfort and control of the water flow.
Our water pouch is made of TPU material, BPA-free, PVC-free and therefore safe. Its watertightness is guaranteed over time thanks to 2 additional seals.

Pocket compatible with our backpack base and all our PRISM volumes and bags:

Technical specifications of the water bag :

  • Materials: TPU
  • Capacity: 2L
  • Dimensions: 37×17.5×0.1 cm
  • Tube length: 100 cm
  • Net weight: 160g
  • Pipette ON/ OFF
  • Detachable hose
  • Meets European standards
  • Included in this kit: 1 water bag + 1 hose + 2 replacement seals
  • Do not use with carbonated water

Our advice on hygiene and storage:

To keep your water pouch clean, prevent contamination and prevent the growth of bacteria, we recommend cleaning the reservoir with a mild detergent and rinsing it thoroughly. Make sure it is completely dry, inside and out, before storing it in a clean, dry place. Avoid contact with extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, UV rays and sharp objects as these will damage the tank. To prevent mold growth, you can store your water bag in the freezer. Do not use with carbonated water. Our cleaning kit will help you take care of your water pouch, so it will last as long as possible!


- 1 Water bag cleaning kit

PRISM offers you this cleaning kit to clean and dry your water bag.
Because it is very practical to keep you hydrated during your outings, it is important to maintain your water bag.
This maintenance kit is essential and will allow you to extend the life of your water bag.
Clean your water bag with the swabs and dry it easily with the hanger.
The hanger helps to prevent bacteria build-up and helps dry your tank.

Included in this cleaning kit:

  • 1 large main brush for cleaning the inside of a water bag, flask, water bottle, thermos flask, etc.
  • 1 long, thin brush to clean the entire water bag hose
  • 1 short fine brush for finishing and cleaning the pipette
  • A drying hanger

Our tips for hygiene and storage of your cleaning kit:

We advise you to keep this cleaning kit in a dry place and away from a heat source.

This complete hydration kit

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1 review for Hydration kit (2 liter bag + cleaning kit)

  1. Franck Marye -

    Very well thought out for the cleaning of the bags.

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