Article 1 - Definition and conditions of the PRISM OFF ROAD x ST OFF EN TRAIL contest

The company PRISM OFF ROAD, SAS with a capital of 50 000 euros and registered in the register of commerce and companies of ANNECY under the number 2021B02377 having its head office at 31 allée des Thomasses, Zone Espace Leaders, 74540 ALBY SUR CHERAN; organizes a contest from 15 to 25 October 2022.

This contest is intended to promote the brand of PRISM OFF ROAD on social networks before its participation in the ST OFF EN TRAIL.

PRISM OFF ROAD is hereinafter also referred to as: "the Organiser", the "Participants" in the competition are hereinafter also referred to as "the Participants", and finally the "Winners" in the draw are hereinafter also referred to as "the Winners".

Article 2 - Conditions of participation

This game is open to all natural persons of legal age residing in metropolitan France, after accepting the conditions of participation in accordance with the French Data Protection Act. Only one participation per individual is accepted during the entire duration of the contest. Members of PRISM OFF ROAD staff and their families are excluded from participating in the competition.

This competition is neither organised nor sponsored by Instagram. The personal data collected is intended for the organising company and not for Instagram.

Article 3 - Dates of the competition PRISM OFF ROAD x ST OFF EN TRAIL

- Start of the contest: Saturday, October 15, 2022 at 11:50 am.

- End date of the contest: Monday, October 24, 2022 at 00:00.

- date of announcement of the winners: Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at 2:00 pm.

Article 4 - Terms of participation

4.1) Application requirements

In order for the participation to be validated by the Organizer, the Participant must like our Instagram page and as well as the corresponding post, he/she must finally share the post in a story identifying the brand PRISM OFF ROAD.

4.2) Guarantees and responsibility for the validity of applications

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel, terminate or modify this operation if it does not proceed as agreed: non-compliance with these rules, unauthorized intervention, fraud, action of a competitor, technical problem or other cause beyond the control of the Organizer.

Thus, any incomplete entry will be rejected, without the Organizer's liability being incurred. Any false declaration by a participant will result in his/her exclusion from the contest without the Organizer's liability being incurred.

Finally, the Organizer reserves the right without reserve to moderate after the fact and not to validate, exclude, or remove from the contest, any participant who does not respect one of the conditions of these rules.

4.3) Drawing procedures

A draw will be made among all the posts shared in story on social networks.

Article 5 - Prizes / prizes of the PRISM OFF ROAD x ST OFF EN TRAIL CONTEST

5.1) Commercial value of the prizes:

The prizes are offered by the company PRISM OFF ROAD, and constitute in this sense "prizes".

The prize offered may not give rise to any dispute as to its nature or to the delivery of any consideration whatsoever.

The participants drawn at random will then be designated as winners by the contest manager.

PRISM OFF ROAD also reserves the right to change the prize without prior notice. If this is the case, the value of the prize will be equivalent or higher than the replaced product. The counterpart in check or cash gifts can not be offered.

5.2) Methods of recovery and use

As provided for in Article 6, the Organiser shall contact the relevant Winners directly in the prize and comply with the terms of use set out in Article 5.1.

5.3) Definition of the lot :

The prize to be won for this competition is composed of :

2 bibs for the UPDOWN race which will take place on 29/10/2022. Distance 8,5 km, 720D+.

Article 6 - Terms and conditions for awarding prizes

Only one endowment is formally foreseen for a single natural person.

The Winner will then be asked to provide his/her precise contact information: last name, first name, address, zip code, city, phone number and email address, in response to our message and his/her medical certificate valid for running.

Then, if the information provided by the participant is incomplete and/or does not allow him/her to be informed of his/her win, he/she will lose the quality of Winner and will not be able to make any claim.

Finally, once the draw is made on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, the Organizer will contact the respective winners within 3 business days by private message on Instagram. The Organizer undertakes to deliver the winner's prize to the email address provided for the dematerialized prizes and on its stand at the Roc d'Azur for the material prizes.

Article 7 - Nominative and personal data

The Participants authorise in advance, by the sole fact of their participation, that the Organisers may freely use for advertising or promotional purposes, whatever the medium, all personal information communicated on their behalf and on all media.

The personal data collected about them is mandatory and also necessary for the processing of their participation in the contest. They are intended for the Organizers only, for management purposes.

In accordance with the regulations in force, the information collected is intended exclusively for the Organisers and will not be sold or transferred to third parties in any way whatsoever.

This contest is not organized or sponsored by Instagram or Facebook. The personal data collected is intended for the organizing company and not for Instagram or Facebook.

Article 8 - Responsibilities and rights

 The Organiser :

- reserves the right to modify, extend, shorten, limit prizes or cancel this game in the event of force majeure as defined by case law. Consequently, it shall not be held liable in this respect.

- shall not be held responsible for the fraudulent use of a Participant's prize.

Article 9 - Conditions of exclusion

Participation in this contest therefore implies full acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in these rules without any reservation or precondition by the Participant. Failure to comply with the said rules will result in exclusion from the contest, the pure and simple nullity of his participation and the awarding of prizes.

Article 10 - Jurisdiction

These rules are subject to French law.

The parties shall endeavour to resolve amicably any dispute arising from the interpretation or execution of these rules. If the disagreement persists, it shall be submitted to the competent courts.

The Participant also acknowledges that he/she has read these rules, accepts them without reservation and complies with them.

Done at Alby sur Chéran, on 14/10/2022.