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A customisable and resistant backpack adapted to snowboarding

The PRISM OFF ROAD modular bags are perfectly suited for snowboarding.

Snowboarder bag

Enjoy in safety and comfort

Integrated backbone

Thanks to the approved back protection (EN1621-2 standard) integrated in the base of your snowboard backpack, your impacts and falls are cushioned. This flexible protection fits perfectly around the back, is held in place by a wide waist belt, and stiffens on impact to do its job.

Functional and intuitive

The complete backpack!

The snowboard backpacks offer plenty of storage space. Each 22L and 33L volume has an easily accessible pocket, ice axe and snowboard or splitboard straps, as well as a main compartment with a waterproof touch pocket and a shovel and probe slot. Both volumes also have a bottom pocket with 37cm straps for carrying extra equipment.

Snowboard with a modular, customisable and scalable bag

Colours and volumes

Surf on the current trends by modulating your backpack and matching it to your outfit or your snowboard! Thanks to the modularity concept Switch Element SystemThe Switch Element System allows you to change the colour of your zip-on or your helmet holder and adapt the volume of your snowboard backpack to the length of your session. Our new range of black colours completes our old range, allowing, with the 19 colours of helmet carriers, to create more than 400 combinations!

prism snow range

Water-repellent and recycled fabrics

Sustainability and eco-responsibility

For a good compromise between waterproofness and lightness, we have chosen to design our backpacks with water-repellent polyamide. The fabrics are all recycled, in our desire to limit our environmental impact and protect our playground.


10 year warranty

To withstand your greatest falls and the abuse of ruthless users, PRISM bags are made of quality materials. Our bags are guaranteed 10 years old. against all manufacturing defects.

Other sports

Snowboarding, but not only!

Mountain bike backpack, but also for the Skiingthe Hikingand fashion Urban
Prism modular backpacks also used forClimbing and the Motorbike.

Put together your backpack!

Choose a technical snowboard backpack adapted to your practice!

Snowboarding trip with your Prism backpack