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Mountain bike backpack
Backpack for mountain biking ©MelvinLhaute

The modular and technicalbackpack adapted to mountain biking

The PRISM modular backpack has been designed and developed for action sports. It is therefore perfectly suited for use as a technical bag for mountain biking.

The modular bag for safety and comfort

Integrated backbone

These technical backpacks offer comfort and safety thanks to a backpack base The back protector has been designed with the help of an ergonomic engineer and is approved (EN1621-2 standard), integrated and removable. The wide waist belt ensures that our mountain bike bags remain perfectly positioned on the back, allowing the mountain bike back protector to fully perform its function in the event of a fall.
Many users have praised the excellent fit of the bag even on the most difficult trails.


Multiple pockets

This mountain bike hydration bag offers numerous storage compartments designed for mountain biking. A compartmentalized tool pocket, a padded glasses pocket, a cross pocket accessible without removing the backpack... Not to mention the rain cover and straps for carrying knee pads, elbow pads and other accessories, standard on the Co18 and Kr25 zip-ons. The helmet carrier allows the transport of a bicycle helmet, full face or not.

The modular, customisable and scalable backpack

Colours and volumes

Thanks to the modular concept Switch Element Systemyou can interchange the different zip-on and thus obtain a mountain bike backpack with different volumes. Whether you go for 2 hours, a day or a raid, there will always be a PRISM bag for you! Moreover, the numerous colours proposed allow you to compose the different elements to create a mountain bike bag to your image!

Water-repellent and recycled fabrics

Sustainability and eco-responsibility

For a good compromise between waterproofness and lightness, we have chosen to design our backpacks with water-repellent polyamide. And in our desire to limit our environmental impact and protect our playground, all fabrics are recycled.


10 year warranty

PRISM OFF ROAD was born with the desire to offer its users backpacks designed to last and give you satisfaction for many years. Quality materials have been specially chosen to withstand the worst weather and your best falls, allowing us to guarantee our range of modular backpacks over a 10 year period. 10 years duration.

Other sports

Mountain biking, but not only!

Mountain bike backpack, but also for Skihiking, or snowboarding.

Rucksack for hiking, for motorbike or even for a backpack pfor theClimbing

Tomorrow, your backpack will also be Urban


PRISM OFF ROAD: A range of mountain bike backpacks adapted to your practice!

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